Saturday, April 9, 2016

Making MHR Characters: Flag Smasher (ANOHotMU #4)

Flag Smasher is several kinds of dorky, and I'm not surprised that he doesn't seem to have a definitive origin story or a clear place in the Marvel universe.

This ISN'T Space Ghost. Just
clearing that up
I mean, his schtick is, in essence, that he hates countries, and he wants to get rid of them by . . . umm, taking captives? Blowing stuff up? It's like the Underpants Gnomes from South Park - he's basically a terrorist, constantly trying to kill people and unleash near-global destruction, but there never seems to be much of an effort to make his plans line up with his end goal. Although I suppose that a world without people in it is technically a world without countries. So there's that.

If you guess that his primary opponent is Captain America, you get no bonus points and you should hand your head in shame for thinking that someone would even consider congratulating you for that. Seriously, did you think it would be Major Mapleleaf? El Aguilar? Sabra?

Oh, man, some day I'm going to get to stat Major Mapleleaf.

Anyhow, back to Flag Smasher - the one thing he has going for him is that he has an outfit that works for him - ULTIMATUM. Technically, that should have periods between each letter but, no, they aren't THAT cool.

Having an organization at his beck and call gives you the option of creating hordes of bad guys for the good guys to fight against, which is good because Flag Smasher really isn't that durable a villain.

Flag Smasher
Solo 1d8
Buddy 1d6
Team 1d10

By Any Means Necessary
Fractious Leader

Enhanced Durability 1d8
Guns 1d8
Spiked Mace 1d8
SFX: Focus - If a pool includes an ULTIMATUM Gear die, you may replace two dice of the same size with a die +1 step larger.
SFX: ”I’ll Be Back!” - If Flag Smasher is physically stressed out of a scene and there is a 1d12 in the Doom Pool, he escapes the scene and takes no further stress or trauma.
SFX: Light Resistant Lenses - Spend a die from the Doom Pool to ignore physical stress, trauma or complications caused by light attacks.
Limit: Gear - Add a die to the doom pool and shutdown ULTIMATUM Gear. Activate an opportunity to recover.

Acrobatics Expert 1d8
Combat Master 1d10
Covert Expert 1d8
Menace Expert 1d8
Vehicle Expert 1d8

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