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Making MHR Characters: Forge (ANOHotMU #4)

Are there better pictures of Forge?
Yes. Are there other pictures that
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People refugee doing a terrible
version of the Hand Jive? No. You're
Forge is a character I never really knew a whole lot about until relatively recently - I'd heard of him back in the 80, naturally, and knew that he was somehow responsible for Storm losing her powers for a while, and that he eventually lead the X-Men to their (temporary) doom in order to destroy an ancient enemy he'd actually brought into the world. He sounded like a jerk.

I mean, seriously, if a guy came to you and had on his resume, "Took away another person's abilities/Responsible for death of a dozen people who were helping me fix my mistake," you wouldn't hire him. Or maybe you would, if you're Magneto.

But, anyway, Forge sounded like he was kind of a jerk.

I got back into the X-Men for about a year after they came back from the dead, and then about another year later I gave up collecting comics for a good long while - my allowance was going toward tabletop RPG paraphenalia, I was kind of burnt out on Marvel and DC was not at its peak, shall we say.

A few years later I picked up one of those omnibus, catch-up-on-the-last-decade-of-our-heroes comics and it painted Forge in a totally different light.

Forge didn't actually make Storm lose her powers, he just invented a power-removing device specifically to help people whose mutations were painful, crippling or otherwise made life measurably worse, and she got caught in the crossfire when Gyrich* and he were wrestling for the device.

And as for The Adversary, well, it was related to some dark shadows of his past, but it wasn't entirely his fault, and he was really pretty up-front about it being a suicide mission to drive it back.

Later, he went pretty crazy, but it was the 90s. Everyone was doing it, and he got better.

Add to this his rather nifty power set - an intuitive ability to create technology - and you've got a pretty cool character.

* Seriously, someone needs to send Gyrich into a black hole forever.

Solo 1d6
Buddy 1d8
Team 1d10

Damaged Psyche
Magic Vs. Technology
Memories Of War

Cheyenne Magic
Enhanced Durability 1d8
Sorcery Expert 1d8
SFX: Dangerous - Add a 1d6 to your dice pool for an attack action and step back the highest die in a pool by -1. Step up mental stress inflicted by +1.
Limit: Soul Draining - On a failed Cheyenne Magic roll, Forge automatically gains the effect die as a related complication.

Intuitive Inventor
Machine Senses 1d8
Tech 1d8
SFX: Inner Workings - Add a 1d6 and step up your effect die by +1 when using Intuitive Inventor to create assets.
Limit: Mutant - Add a die to the Doom Pool when affected by mutant-specific Milestones and tech.

Combat Expert 1d8
Medical Expert 1d8
Mystic Expert 1d8
Tech Expert 1d8
Vehicle Expert 1d8

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