Friday, December 2, 2011

The War on Christmas (Language Use)

In grand Roberts tradition, we didn't go our for our Advent calendars until after December had actually started. Yes, we're that cheap. And forgetful.

Anyhow, I finally tracked down a few at Target, but they weren't Advent calendars, but Days Until Christmas Countdown Calendars.

I'll be honest - my first reaction was a moment of, "How dare they corrupt such a noble Christmas tradition?" until I noticed that the (empty) shelf next to them had at one point housed actual Advent calendars and they'd simply sold out of them, and that in every single Advent calendar I can remember from my youth, the symbols were all highly secularized. I mean, yes, Christmas trees and candy canes are Christian symbols, but it's mostly reindeer, ice skates and Santa.

My evangelical ire assuaged, the language Nazi in me rose to the surface: "Days Until Christmas Coundown Calendar." When you count down, you go from the higher number to the lower number. This should not be, Target, this should not be, not even for a faux Advent calendar.