Saturday, November 26, 2016

Captain America: Sentinels of the Multiverse

Those who know me have probably been strongarmed into playing at least one game of Sentinels of the Multiverse which is, overall, my very favourite coop game, in no small part because you get to play the part of superheroes who're teaming up to kick supervillains in the face. And with some 26 heroes you can use to assemble against 24 villains in 22 different environments, it's extremely replayable.

All that to say that it was no surprise to me that I had a dream last night where I was playing Sentinels. Except this time, I was playing with Marvel heroes. While dozing this morning at around seven, recovering from taking a kitten to the face, I thought through the idea and roughly statted up cards for a Sentinels version of Captain America. This is MCU Cap, from the first movie, and I think it works pretty well. That said, ideas are always welcome.

The First Avenger
HP 26
Power: Punch - Cap does one target 2 melee damage.

Nemesis: The Red Skull

Supersoldier Durability (Ongoing, Limited, Serum) (x2) - Cap reduces all melee and projectile damage by 1.
Supersoldier Reflexes (Ongoing, Limited, Serum) (x2) - Once per turn, before Cap would take damage, Cap does that target 2 melee damage. If doing so causes the target to be discarded or destroyed, Cap takes no damage.
Supersoldier Stamina (Ongoing, Limited, Serum) (x2) - Play two card during your play phase or draw two cards during your draw phase.
Supersoldier Strength (Ongoing, Limited, Serum) (x2) - Cap gains +1 to all damage.
Super Soldier (One-shot) (x3) - Play one card with the keyword Serum from the deck or from your trash.

The Shield (Equipment, Limited) (x3) - Reduce all damage by one. Power: Discard up to three cards. Deal 2 projectile damage to x number of targets, where x = the number of cards discarded.
Magnetic Clasp (Equipment, Ltd) (x2) - If you do not have The Shield in play at the start of your turn, search your deck or your trash for a copy of The Shield and put it into play.

Brawler (Ongoing, Limited) (x3) - When you do damage to 2 or more targets, increase damage by 1.
Field Commander (Ongoing, Limited) (x2) - All hero targets gain +1 to damage.
I Could Do This All Day (Ongoing) (x1) - When this card goes into play, Cap regains 2hp. If he is still below 10 hp, he regains 2 hp. At the start of his turn, he regains 1 hp.

All-Out Assault (One-shot) (x3) - Deal 2 melee or projectile damage to all villain targets. Cap then deals himself 1 psychic damage.
Coordinated Assault (One-shot) (x3) - Cap deals one target 2 melee damage. Until the start of his next turn, all damage dealt to that target is irreducible.
Shield Bash (One-shot) (x3) - Cap deals 1 target 2 melee damage. If The Shield is in play, draw a card.
Sock to the Jaw (One-shot) (x3) - Cap deals 1 target 2 melee damage. If this attack does damage, increase damage to that target by 1 until the start of your next turn.
Teamwork (One-shot) (x3) - Cap deals 1 target 2 melee damage, then one other hero uses a power.

Bucky (Ally, 5 hp) (x1) - At the start of Cap’s turn, Bucky does 1 target one projectile damage. When Cap would take damage, he can redirect that damage to Bucky.
Dr. Erskine (Ally, 4 hp)  (x1) - Power: Play any number of cards with the keyword Serum.
Howling Commandos (Ally, 9 hp) (x1) - At the start of Cap’s turn, Howling Commandos can do 2 points of melee damage to the first target, 2 points of projectile damage to the second target, and 2 points of fire damage to the third target