Saturday, June 14, 2014

Stories from my youngest son, Part II

This was a multipage retrospective on his year, evidently done over several days.

First Grade Memory Book

Top Left - an illustration of his desk.
Top Right - a small figure at the edge of the picture says, "Eek."
Bottom Left - "I had no friends yet at this scool."
Bottom Right - "Love You Mrs. N___"
Text: I was quiet, calm, happy, excited and scared when I came into first grade. It was weird because I didn't any friends yet. I befriended everyone by now. But that is another story. My favorite memory of first grade was learning about space. That's when we went to the planetarium. It was fun! My favourite planet is Make Make. I like computer because I get to go on a computer. The teacher's name is Mrs. Smithurst. I also like her because she is a lot like me. I do Parent Pickup both getting to and going home from school. My normal routine is: When I get home I get a piece of candy. Then at 4:00, I play video games. At 4:45, my brother and I switch. Resess is fun. I like to hang out at the structure. Sometimes I play basketball or down in the field. That is what I play the most. I'm going to play basketball at lunch resess. Everybody in this school are my best firneds, especially Phoenix, Evan and Rosie. Why? Because I don't want anybody disappointed. At lunch I have a ham and cheese sandwich with mustard, gummies if I have any and a piece of fruit. Sometimes I buy ice cream. It to get Very Very Cherry. My favourite field trip was the Planetarium. I liked the exhibits. I even got a butterfly-shaped slink! I tested it at home. It failed. My mom doesn't work there anymore. I am not going to be in t his school anymore. I have nothing to fear. Okay, maybe just a little bit. I have no worries about second grade. I have hopes and excitement. I have a lot of summer plans. I want to go to Canobie Lake Park. I need to go to swimming lessons. I don't remember when I take swimming lessons. After swimming lessons, I go to the pool.

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