Saturday, May 7, 2016

Making MHR Characters: Deacon Frost (ANOHotMU #4)

I really don't like vampires.

Wait, that's not quite right. I like vampires all right, I just don't like what we, the creative types who make them up for a living, have turned them into. We took one book written by a guy with some really obvious baggage involving women and Eastern European foreigners and accepted it as gospel, later stitching in bits and pieces of legends from those same Eastern European cultures kind of piecemeal.

Some day, I'm going to make an
RPG character based on this
They still work in some areas, I guess. Robin McKinley's "Sunshine," for example, and Justin Cronin's "The Passage." Buffy and Angel managed to take vampires to some interesting places. Still, I find it really, really weird to have Wolverine crossing claws with Dracula. Deacon Frost, though? He's pretty cool.

See, he's a self-made vampire. I love that - he has no sire, no connection to any other living thing. He's really kind of a perfect predator, and better still, he's a mad scientist. So, immortal, super-powered, sociopathic and regards humans as interesting things to experiment on. Ooo, yes, I'll take two please. Which is kind of perfect because he can actually make doppelgangers of the people he drains.

I think this write-up does a decent job of demonstrating the strengths and weaknesses of vampires in a Marvel kind of way - if you have access to the things that can take out vampires, they're really just kind of a pain to deal with, but if you don't, well, you have a serious problem on your hands.

Deacon Frost
Solo 1d8
Buddy 1d4
Team 1d6

Empirical Thinker
Obsessed With Immortality
Self-Made Vampire

Alchemical Vampire
Enhanced Durability 1d8
Enhanced Reflexes 1d8
Enhanced Speed 1d8
Enhanced Strength 1d8
Mind Control 1d8
Psychic Resistance 1d10
Superhuman Stamina 1d10
SFX: Dopplegangers - Add a 1d6 and step up your effect die by +1 when using Alchemical Vampire to create assets.
SFX: Invulnerable - Spend a die from the doom pool to ignore physical stress or trauma unless caused by appropriate magic, sunlight or wood.
SFX: Multipower - Use two or more Alchemical Vampire powers in a single dice pool at -1 step for each additional power.
SFX: You Grow Weak Before Me - Step up or double Mind Control for one action. If the action fails, add a die to the doom pool equal to the normal rating of the power die.
Limit: Abjure the Holy - So long as there is a Cross complication or some other similar barrier, Deacon Frost cannot inflict physical stress or trauma.
Limit: Montesi Formula - Add a die to the doom pool when affected by vampire-specific Milestones, assets and complications.
Limit: Sunlight Vulnerability - Step up physical stress or trauma by +1 when caused by sunlight.

Covert Expert 1d8
Crime Master 1d10
Medical Master 1d10
Menace Master 1d10
Mystic Expert 1d8
Psych Expert 1d8
Science Expert 1d8

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