Saturday, May 21, 2016

Making MHR Characters: Gamecock (ANOHotMU #4)

Serious props to Derrick J. Wyatt for this fantastic picture.
Okay, so there's pretty much no way that this character isn't horrible. Dangit, Cap, you're a great character, but between Mother Superia and now a black guy dressed in a rooster costume with "razor-sharp claws," you have some of the most troublesome bad guys that I somehow missed back when I was collecting your comics.

Well, Gamecock showed up in 1975, a year before I was born so I think I get a pass on missing this guy. Still, guh, awful. Thankfully he's out of the comics now, having been killed by Puma in . . . in a bloodsport match? Dangit, Marvel, this is why we can't have nice things.

Anyhow, I statted him up as a minor villain, the kind that can either fit in during an early fight with some mooks at his back, or in a crowd scene. And, yes, the Limit on his Martial Arts Training means that he can stress himself out of a fight. Let's face it - how long do you actually want this guy to be on the stage?

Solo 1d6
Buddy 1d4
Team 1d8

Must Rule the Barnyard
Villain For Hire

Rooster Costume
Claws 1d8
SFX: Peck and Scratch - Add a 1d6 to your dice pool for an attack action and step back histest die in the pool by -1. Step up physical stress inflicted by +1.
Limit: Gear - Shutdown Rooster Costume and add a die to the doom pool. Activate an opportunity to recover.

Martial Arts Training
Enhanced Reflexes 1d8
Enhanced Stamina 1d8
SFX: All Out Assault -Step up or double a Martial Arts Training die against a single target. Remove the highest rolling die and add 3 dice for your total.
Limit: Shoot Your Mouth - When you attempt to inflict a complication on an opponent and fail, take the effect die as mental stress.

Acrobatics Expert 1d8
Combat Expert 1d8
Crime Expert 1d8
Menace Expert 1d8

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