Saturday, March 5, 2016

Making MHR Characters: Epoch (ANOHotMU #4)

This is Epoch:


Guess which decade this chunk-of-tentacled-barf-swallowing-a-Cabbage-Patch-Kid came from? If you guessed the 90s, you get a No-Prize.

Anyhow, Epoch is the 90s version of Eon, who really isn't much better (he looks like someone combined the DNA of a cauliflower, an oak tree and a human being and then gave it a super-stretchy arm - arguably weirder - his pic is to the right), and took over her dad's duties as the guardian of cosmic awareness, which is a job in the Marvel Universe. No job application, no resume, just, "Hi, my dad was the previous guardian of cosmic awareness, so now I am too." Nepotism. That's the real villain of the Marvel Universe.

Anyhow, Eon is most strongly associated with Captain Marvel, the previous guardian of the universe, and when Wendell Vaughn (Quasar) took over the guardian of the universe role, Epoch when crazy and had to be killed because plot reasons and Epoch took over.

So, Epoch's a cosmic character, but a fairly weak one, comparatively. I have the PDF for MHR: Annihilation, so I worked off of some of the cosmic characters from there, intending to make something similar to that, but a fair bit weaker. Honestly, I've only read a couple of comics with Epoch in them, and she was kind of a side character - to the extent that I didn't know Epoch was a "she" until I started reading for this write-up, so I see this more as an effort to make a minor-level cosmic entity than anything else.

Also, I like the M-Body template. M-Bodies are how abstract universal concepts, like Eternity, Infinity, Oblivion, Love, Chaos and, well, Epoch, manifest in the physical universe. And, yes, they're pretty close to indestructible. That's the point.

Solo    2d8
Buddy    3d10
Team    1d6

Eternally Curious
Cosmic Guardian
New Kid On the Block

Guardian of Cosmic Awareness
Cosmic Awareness    1d12
Mind Control        1d12
Psychic Resistance    1d12
Telepathy        1d12
Teleport        1d12
Transmutation        1d12
SFX: Cosmic Force - When a dice pool used to create an asset includes a Guardian power, step up the effect die by +1.
SFX: Phenomenal Power - When creating a stunt, if the effect die is 1d12 or greater, it can be used twice.
Limit: Nascent Power - Shut down a Guardian power and gain a PP when Epoch’s immaturity and inexperience is a problem.

Cosmic Blast        1d12
Godlike Durability    1d12
Godlike Stamina    1d12
Godlike Strength    1d12
Shapeshifting        1d12
Warp Flight        1d12
SFX: Cosmic Form - Unless the source of stress includes a cosmic or extradimensional energy source, Epoch can ignore that stress.
SFX: Cosmic Resistance - Spend 1 PP to ignore a source of physical stress
SFX: Terrifying Aspect - When Epoch inflicts mental stress, include 3 dice in the total and step up the effect by 1.
Limit: New Form - Shut down M-Body and gain 1 PP when Epoch fails to achieve a goal or is otherwise frustrated. Activate an opportunity or recover in a Transition Scene to reactivate.

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