Saturday, June 25, 2016

Making MHR Characters ANOHotMU:U #2: Agents of Atlas

Yeah. Subtle, guys.
I’m departing from what I did in the previous books and am putting in entries for everything in this update, including those without clear stat blocks.

I read their first appearance in What If?, when they were there to answer the question of what would happen if the Avengers had forms in the 50s. The team consisted of 3D-Man, blessed with the abilities of three men, Venus, the Roman goddess of love, Marvel Boy, an interstellar traveller, and Gorilla Man and the Human Robot who you don’t need to be introduced to because you’re not that dumb. Presumably.

Anyhow, they take on Yellow Claw, a Marvel villain of Asian extraction whose design is so flippin' racist that I'm pretty sure that members of Stormfront would criticize it for being a little too on the nose.

I love the mood in this illustration - love it.
And then that's it. The mainstream universe Avengers, who've been watching the proceedings on a monitor, watch as the team realizes that they're too awesome to exist, and disband. Thankfully, someone out there in the Marvel writing stuff realized what I did, and decided to bring the team back, this time not as an Avengers knock-off, but as Agents of Atlas which, oddly, is the organization they're simultaneously working for (although they don't know it) and working against. This time around, they're led by Jimmy Woo, Yellow Claw's arch-nemesis and . . . well, it's all terribly 50s.

Yellow Fever scares, low-level mystical stuff that's vaguely Buddhist but not really at all, and lots of technology that's all rounded edges and bulbous knobs. It's really cool stuff, actually.

Unfortunately, all of the characters in the group have their own entries elsewhere in the Handbooks, so some day I might end up writing all of them up anyway, which leaves me with describing something or giving something else stats. To the Flying Saucer!

Uranian's Flying Saucer
Built By The Eternals
Groovy 50's Tech

Flying Saucer Technology
Advanced Sensors 1d10
Energy Blast 1d8
Flight 1d12
Superhuman Durability 1d10
Superhuman Reflexes 1d10
SFX: Evasive Manuevers - Step up or double Superhuman Reflexes for a reaction. If you fail the reaction, add a 1d10 to the doom pool.
Limit: Defensive Design - Whenever you use Energy blast in a dice pool that includes an opportunity, shut down Energy Blast afterward. Spend 1 PP or make a recovery action during a Transition Scene to reactivate.

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