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Making MHR Characters: Glob (ANOHotMU #4)

In 1969, someone decided that The Incredible Hulk needed a new bad guy and decided that the perfect thing would be a superhumanly strong, incredibly durable lump of semi-sentient plant matter because of course they did.

Is it just me, or does he look a bit like the
Pathfinder Adherer illustration?
Well, actually, it's a completely legitimate choice - see, Hulk is the strongest guy in the Marvel universe, more or less by definition, and so matching strength for strength was already getting kind of old, so giving him an opponent he couldn't just punch into submission was a strong move. At this time, Hulk lost most of his human intelligence when Hulked out, so he was forced to figure out how to outclever his opponent despite not being clever himself.

The Glob was created by the Hulk, in fact who, in a fit of his customary rage, through a barrel of radioactive waste into a swamp, right onto the body of petty criminal Joe Timms. The radiation somehow caused him to rise as a nigh-indestructible plant creature. He saw Betsy Ross and, as happens quite often, kidnapped her. He and the Hulk "fought," but the big green guy's fists just punched straight through him. As he walked back into the radioactive swamp, he began to dissolve, giving Hulk a chance to save his lady love.

No? Just me?
Aaaaand end scene. Well, not really. We'll get to the rest of his back story in a bit, but first, doesn't that origin sound a bit overly familiar, faithful reader(s)? Yeah, he's pretty much Man-Thing. Or Swamp Thing. And is descended from The Heap, a monster from the 40s who's so reminiscent of Swamp Thing that I'm shocked there hasn't been a lawsuit. So, yeah, if anyone ever complains about how "modern comics have no new ideas," remind them of the span of three years in which the two biggest company book companies invented not one, not two, but three characters that were the remnants of dead man turned into plant-things, and that all three of them have an ancestor decades older. Ain't nothing new.

Anyhow, Timms-Glob came back a few times and . . . got kind of weird to be honest with you. For a while, he could make himself look like a perfectly normal human, despite being made of the same plant stuff, after a period where he was just a brain being held by a crazy cult leader. Like I said, "weird."

Anyway, I'm using Timms as a superpowered thug here, which is how he's appeared in the last couple of years, and it seems to suit him. He's kind of one-note, but fun, and I do like that his character has some history in Marvel.

Solo 1d8
Buddy 1d6
Team 1d10

Giant Plant Body
Petty, And Also Criminal

Plant Matter Form
Godlike Durability 1d12
Godlike Stamina 1d12
Shapeshifting 1d10
Stretching 1d10
Superhuman Strength 1d10
SFX: Invulnerability - Spend 1 PP to ignore physical stress or trauma unless caused by acidic attacks.
SFX: Multipower - Use two or more Plant Matter Form powers, at -1 step for each additional power used this way.
SFX: Rapid Regrowth - Spend 1 PP to remove your physical stress and step back physical trauma by -1.
SFX: Versatile - Split Stretching into 2d at -1 step or 3d at -2 steps.
Limit: Plant Matter - Take 1 PP to step up mental stress caused by effect are driven by or target your primitive, primeval self.

Crime Expert 1d8
Menace Master 1d10

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