Saturday, June 18, 2016

Making MHR Characters: Ma Gnucci (ANOHotMU #4)

For yooooooooooou!
Look at that picture. No, look at that picture. I statted that. For you. Because I care. No, really, I statted up a quadriplegic female Mafia boss from a lesser Punisher title because I want you, my reading public, to have access to these statistics.

Ugh. Well, only one more write-up, and it's for a character I actually care about, who's shown up in series I actually wanted to collect. I can get through this.

Anyhow, Ma Gnucci went up against Frank Castle, aka, The Punisher, and ended up getting her arms and legs chopped off and then got thrown into a fire. Yeah. So, that's what happened to her.

I think this is a decent job, though, of rendering a villain who's up against the wall and about to get wiped out - the SFX is based around that feeling of a last-ditch effort, and even the Limit seeks to drive up the Doom Pool to get to that magical 2d12 so you can write the villain out of the scene but introduce complications for your players.

Ma Gnucci
Solo 1d4
Buddy 1d6
Team 1d8

It’s a Man’s World

Crime Boss
Minions 1d10
Security Systems 1d8
SFX: Kill ‘Em All - Step up or double any Crime Boss power for one action. IF the action fails, add a die to the doom pool equal to the normal rating of your power die.
Limit: Quadriplegic - Step up all physical stress taken by Ma Gnucci by +1, and add a die equal to her physical stress to the doom pool.

Business Expert 1d8
Crime Master 1d10
Menace Master 1d10
Psych Expert 1d8

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