Saturday, July 2, 2016

Making MHR Characters ANOHotMU:U #2: All-American

Why do I feel like I've already done at least one New Universe character? Oh, right, Erishkigal monkeyed around with the Starbrand, which started as a New Universe.

I should probably introduce the New Universe a bit, huh?

Okay, so, 1986 was the 25 anniversary of Marvel, so they decided to launch a comic series set in a universe totally unlike the Marvel continuity, one without space gods, mutants or magic, where being superhuman really counted for something and the effect of a single super could have a dramatic effect on things. The goal here was a sense of realism, that the events took place in a world the reader could understand because it looked a lot like theirs. Or was supposed to. In reality, it was kind of a boring setting because the superheroics were so subdued you almost didn't notice them, and the "realistic consequences" . . . weren't.

The introduction of superhumans into the world should've changed everything, but instead it basically didn't change anything. Eventually they blew up Pittsburgh and things were interesting for a little while after that, but it was too late and in 1989 the line was cancelled.

All-American comes out of Kickers, Inc., a comic series about a quarterback who gains superhuman powers and, naturally, joins up with a couple of other football players to form a team of superheroes.

Yeah, the New Universe had problems with the realism thing from the start.

Anyhow, All-American was a star quarterback until he realized that he was totally cheating by being superpowered, and that he'd crush a dude's ribs if he actually threw a football as hard as he could, so he decided to fight crime. Or something. I bought three issues of Kicker's, Inc, and if there was an actual plotline I can't tell you what it was because it just wasn't terribly good.

He's basically a moderately powerful brick. I put in a couple of SFX intended to carry through the idea in the comics that his powers are dangerous because he can't stop being superhuman, making things like shaking hands and playing a pick-up game of basketball a dangerous proposition.

Solo    1d6
Buddy 1d8
Team   1d10

Good Soldier
Where Angels Fear To Tread
Wild and Dangerous

Intensifier Treatment
Enhanced Reflexes         1d8
Enhanced Speed            1d8
Enhanced Stamina          1d8
Enhanced Strength         1d8
Superhuman Durability   1d10
SFX: 110% - Step up or double any Intensifier Treatment power for one action. If the action fails, add a die to the doom pool equal to the normal rating of your power die.
SFX: All-Star - Use two or more Intensifier Treatment powers in a single dice pool at -1 for each additional power.
SFX: Charge - Step up or double an Intensifier Treatment power against a single target. Remove the highest rolling die and add three dice to the total.
Limit: I Break Things - Gain 1 PP to turn an Intensifier Treatment power into a complication. Make a recovery during a Transition Scene to recover.

Combat Expert   1d8
Covert Expert     1d8
Crime Expert      1d8
Vehicle Expert    1d8

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