Saturday, July 9, 2016

Making MHR Characters ANOHotMU:U #2: Cabal of Scrier

I remember reading the Spiderman entry in the original OHOTMU about how Green Goblin was killed by being impaled on his own flyer and being kind of blown away by the idea. I mean, there's no way that would happen to a Superman villain. Maybe a Batman villain, or a Punisher bad guy, but Spiderman? Wow, that was . . . dark.

Years later, I picked up a trade that collected the run-up to the final conflict between Green Goblin and Spiderman and, holy crap. I didn't even have the foggiest clue just how dark it was. I mean, the intense hatred between the two men just coiled off the page like a cobra. It was awesome, and I wanted more.

I also liked how definitive it was - both threw everything they had at each other on every level - psychological, spiritual and physical, and in the end, Spidey survived but juuuuust barely. It was simply epic.

And then they brought back frickin' Norman Osborn. His Goblin Serum enable him to survive being stabbed through the chest, and left him just as nuts as before, and burning for revenge. So, he took over an apocalypse cult that worships an elder god that lies defeated beneath the Himalayas. You know, as you do.
"I don't care if he's a supervillain, so long as we finely get frickin'
benefits to go with these snazzy man-boob robes.
Anyhow, I'm not going to get into the whole Green Goblin thing - I'm giving you a secret lair, the kind of place where you can send your players while they're investigating an Elder Gods kind of mystery. It's a big of a side quest, probably at the end of exploration of the Mansion of Count von Eldrtichbadguy.

Secret Lair
Even finding the Secret Lair requires uncovering the Hidden Doors And Panels, unless the players were able to get their hands on the Secret Floor Plans. Once inside the place, the Watcher can have Murderholes, Traps, and Oubliettes as a 1d10 complication as they contend with area-appropriate mobs and bad guys. There are also Mysterious Sigils that outline the Cabal's history and secret plans. If someone succeeds on a roll against the doom pool with a Mystic specialty, this distinction turns into Eldritch History, which can be a complication against the Cabal members.

Specific rooms can include the Smoke-Filled Sacrificial Chamber, the Dark Heart Of The Temple. Bad guys could be mobs of Cabal Acolytes or low-tier supernatural themed villains. Or, hey, Gamecock. He's probably not busy or anything.

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